about us

At the IDB Group, the sustainability of Latin America and the Caribbean countries and the quality of life of its citizens motivates our greatest effort and commitment.

In 2015, the nations of the world adopted the Paris Agreement where they commited through their NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributios) to transition towards resilient and low carbon economies to keep us below 2°C.

We know that limiting global warming to below 2°C represents the greatest challenge ever for governments. However, we know that the power of our region is capable of generating carbon neutral and sustainable economic development through effective planning and implementation.

To support the contries of our region, we have created NDC Invest, a plataform where we offer financial solutions and technical support to help build national goals and transform them into attainable plans that generate prosperous, resilient and neutral carbon economies by 2050.

By taking action today, our region will enjoy sustainable economies with renewable energy, clean and efficient transport systems, zero waste management, protected and integrated ecosystems, cities designed for the wellbeing of its citizens, and a healthier and low carbon food sector.

We see that Our Region has the potential to lead the world.